It is amazing how we often underestimate our intelligence, our ability to love, and how far our actions can go.
But, it is through learning, loving, and doing that we become stronger individuals capable of impacting those around us, and most importantly transforming our world.

The Journey Continues

Learn Love Do is an educational initiative founded by Ysis C. Moreira. She hopes to inspire and teach individuals and families to lead healthier, Purpose-Driven lives and experience more meaningful relationships through important lessons she’s learned over the last ten years.

Through her stories and educational content, Ysis provides authentic, raw, no-bullshit advice on learning, loving, and most importantly taking action.

About Ysis Moreira

Ysis Moreira is a diversified professional and community volunteer who’s driven by her motivation and passion for learning and helping others. No matter what role or industry she’s involved in, she always finds opportunities where she can help individuals succeed, whether it’s in their professional life or at home.

Ysis is someone who thrives in collaborative environments and is often partnering with successful individuals who are also on a mission to change the world. Her two passions; entrepreneurship and the study of family behavior keep her motivated and full of energy. She enjoys helping families raise happy and healthy children through teaching them how to implement compassionate and individualized parenting techniques. Ysis also spends considerable time learning about innovative technologies and connecting with the companies that will soon transform the way we live and work.

As a professional, Ysis helps successful brands and entrepreneurs tell their story online including helping them establish a consistent digital presence, often resulting in them being mentioned or featured on major publications such as Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur. Ysis also assists growing startups with project management and digital efforts and is often running local networking and educational events for entrepreneurs. In addition, she is slowing building her parenting education company as well as helping overworked couples experience unforgettable, tech-free and stress-free weekends via Three Day Getaway, LLC.

In November of 2015, Ysis said goodbye to Corporate America as she dove head first into life as an entrepreneur. This incredible but extremely tough journey continues to teach Ysis everyday the importance of perseverance, strength, and persistence. Now more than ever she understands that learning, loving, and doing is what will keep her moving forward and achieving her goals.