The Journey Continues

Learn Love Do is an educational initiative founded by Ysis C. Moreira. She hopes to inspire and teach individuals and families to lead healthier, Purpose-Driven lives and experience more meaningful relationships through important lessons she’s learned (and continues to learn).

Through her stories and educational content, Ysis provides authentic, raw, no-bullshit advice on learning, loving, and most importantly taking action.

About Ysis Moreira

Ysis Moreira is a diversified professional and community volunteer who’s driven by her motivation and passion for learning and helping others. No matter what role or industry she’s involved in, she always finds opportunities where she can help individuals succeed, whether it’s in their professional life or at home.

Ysis is the co-founder of Three Main, a funded startup and mission-driven brand that helps conscious consumers make an impact every month through eco-friendly household products that work. ThreeMain will be launching in Spring of 2018!

She’s also passionate about helping kids and adults find innovative ways to relax and destress without technology. She invented the Nami Board, a tactile fidget that helps people who have trouble waiting regulate in places like cars, trains, planes, and waiting rooms regulate.

In November of 2015, Ysis said goodbye to Corporate America as she dove head first into life as an entrepreneur. This incredible but extremely tough journey continues to teach Ysis everyday the importance of perseverance, strength, and persistence. Now more than ever she understands that learning, loving, and doing is what will keep her moving forward and achieving her goals.